Much More than Money Transfer

From airtel Ghana to you: Cash in on the latest evolution!

Money has changed forms many times throughout history. From bartering chickens to using seashells to the era of credit cards, the history of money has been colourful and interesting.

Here comes Airtel Money, the award winning and innovative Mobile commerce service from Airtel Ghana Ltd. The service allows you to:

  • Pay bills - utility bills
  • Pay for goods and services
  • Direct payment for your savings and loans contributions
  • Buy airtime for yourself, friends and family
  • Purchase Airtel data bundle
  • Send money from your Airtel Money account to other Airtel money customers
  • Send money from your Airtel Money account to people on other networks
  • Receive money on your Airtel Money account
  • Deposit physical cash for electronic money (e-value)
  • Withdraw cash from your Airtel money account
  • Send money to and withdraw money from your bank account
  • Use your mobile phone to check your bank balance and request for bank mini statement

Airtel Money is accessible 24 hours, 7 days a week from your phone menu and is secure, convenient, fast and easy to use. Dial *500# to get started. Visit any Airtel Shop countrywide to register (it's free, just bring your valid photo ID)