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Airtel FLEX- Join the FLEX Nation

Everyone loves Social media, now you have the reason to even love it more! Your favorite network has introduced new ways of having more fun on the internet while paying less, awesome isn't it? Are you a music lover? A fashionista who loves browsing the internet for inspiration? The movie downloader? Whoever you are, we want you to FLEX in your daily lifestyle. Join the Airtel FLEX Nation today and bring out the FLEX in you!

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All You Need to Know About FLEX

What is FLEX all about?

FLEX is an AMAZING bundle that offers all prepaid customers FREE Social media, Streaming, Movies and Cash back on Airtel Money

Can I join FLEX?

Of course! FLEX is open to all Airtel Prepaid customers and anyone who wants to join the Airtel prepaid family

What do I get when I join?

You get to enjoy a main data bundle and a social media bundle either for a day, week or a month! Just FLEX with your choices

How does the main bundle and social media bundle work?

Great question. Social media bundle allows you FREE access to social media platforms like; YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp.

Your Main Data Bundle is for all other browsing on Internet sites, your favorite downloads etc.

Does this mean Facebook is no longer Free?

No, Basic Facebook is still free and your social Media bundle would not be used when accessing free basic Facebook.

However, when opening and watching videos and photos on Facebook, your Social Media Bundle would be used.

Choose a FLEX Bundle for your Lifestyle

FLEX Bundle

Price (GHC)

Main Data Bundle

Social Media Bundle

10% Discount Amount (GHC)



40 MB for browsing internet

(YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp )


Daily Premium


100MB for browsing the internet

(YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp )


Weekly Basic


300MB for browsing for the internet

(YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp )


Weekly Premium


400MB for browsing the internet

(YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp )


Monthly Basic


2GB for browsing the internet

(YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp )


Monthly Premium


3GB for browsing the internet

(YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp )


** Fair Usage Policy Applies

How do I activate the FLEX Bundle?

It's quite simple, no stress. Simply follow the four steps below to step into your FLEX lifestyle

  • You dial *125# on your phone
  • Please select Option 5. FLEX Bundles
  • Proceed to select preferred FLEX bundle of your choice
  • And you select preferred choice of payment, whether via Airtel Money or Airtime See, we promised it was going to be easy! Go on and start FLEXing now!