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China Bundle Offer

China bundle offer is a bundled IDD offer intended to give subs the best rate on the market for calling China. This bundled IDD offer offers 7 different bundles; each offers specific number of minutes at specific prices starting from Ghc1 to Ghc100 with individual validity periods.

This promo is a subscription based offer.

China Packs

  • GHC1–10mins–1day
  • GHC2–21mins–5days
  • GHC5–56mins–5days
  • GHC10–111mins–10days
  • GHC20–235mins–30days
  • GHC50–588mins–30days
  • GHC100–1250mins–30days


  1. You dial *151#
  2. Main menu pops up as:
    • IDD Packs
    • HV Packs
    • China Packs
    • Naija Packs
  3. You select 2 for China Packs
  4. Sub menu with bundles under selected Packs (shown above) appears
  5. You select desired Packs
  6. You will receive an SMS for confirmation for successful subscription after bundle value deducted from main account
  7. Message received:
    You have successfully subscribed to XXX ( with bundle details)