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CIMG Telecom Company of the year, Airtel, has offered its subscribers again, a voice offer that enables customers to make Airtel to Airtel calls for free. Airtel’s prepaid customers can enjoy the “Talk Chaw Ankasa” promotion on the Airtel network and have the opportunity to enjoy 5 times bonus each day.


Customers are assigned daily usage targets and will receive five times bonus when target is attained and can be spent on Voice (on-net, off-net, International) SMS (Peer to Peer, on-net, off-net, International) and Data (Pay As You Go) from their main account to achieve the usage target any time during the day.

Upon achieving the target, the customer will be instantly rewarded with five times the target given as Bonus which must be consumed before mid-night same day.

Bonus would be paid into bonus wallet and can be used for all Airtel to Airtel Calls ONLY. The bonus would be paid in Value and charged at 0.13gp per minute on per second basis and will expire at 12 midnight same day.


What is Talk Chaw Ankasa offer all about?

It is a promotion where you have the opportunity to enjoy five times bonus each day. The daily targets are set based on the unique usage patterns of each individual.

How do I get to be part of this offer?

All Airtel prepaid customers except those on Airtel Frnds, are automatically part of the Talk Chaw Ankasa promo. You don’t need to subscribe to enjoy this offer. All you need to do is talk, chat, browse with your Airtel line and you get to enjoy the bonus upon meeting your target for the day.

Do I get new target each day?

Targets are assigned periodically and you would be duly notified.

What are the bonuses applicable for?

Bonus is applicable for all Airtel to Airtel calls ONLY and expires midnight same day.

How do I know what my target is?

You can check your daily target by dialing *171#.   When you dial *171# you get to see your target for the day, how much has been achieved, target yet to be achieved and the balance on free minutes for the day.

How long does it take for me to receive my bonus?

Bonus is instant once you attain your daily usage target. You would receive an instant flash message

How many times can I receive bonus in a day?

You can receive bonus once a day. If your usage reaches a 2nd time threshold you will not receive any more bonus until the next day