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Business Mobility Solutions


Our postpaid plans give customers the opportunity to use our services and pay on a monthly bill. All are tailored to suit the customer's calling patterns.

Customers can choose Pay per Use or Bundled services based either on required minutes, SMS and data.

Pay per Use Tarrifs

These postpaid plans allow for pay-as-you-go usage up to a chosen credit limit.

They'll work for you if you make plenty of calls or if you use a shared line.


  • Airtel Business gives you a smooth communication with your business partners, no need to worry about running out of Airtime.
  • Customized solution to meet customer's calling pattern.
  • Enjoy free incoming calls while roaming one Airtel Network Countries.
  • Easy access of bill payments; Airtel Money, Online Payment, Bank Dedicated account managers to attend to you on all services issues 24/7.

Business Premium

Stay in touch with international business contact.

No business can afford to lose contact with its customers and staff.

Choosing Airtel Business Premium allows you to stay in touch with contacts in Kenya, India, USA, China, Canada and the UK fixed lines.

Users also enjoy affordable SMS and data bundles.


  • Enhance your business continuity with affordable international and local rates.
  • Offers attractive out-of-bundle packages on voice, SMS and data.

Hybrid Plans

With automatic airtime reloads, now you're talking.

Hybrid plans help users keep in touch for a predetermined fixed cost.

You set up a credit limit at the initial stage, and Airtel automatically loads the same amount every month.

When line limit is exhausted, user tops up with scratch cards to continue to enjoy our services.


  • Enjoy automatic renewal of bundles every month.
  • Flexible bundles - opportunity to build your own plans for Voice, SMS and international SMS.
  • Tailor made to meet customer satisfaction.
  • Experience both Postpaid and Prepaid mode on the same mobile handset using the same SIM.

Mobile Broadband

We are one of the world's top 3 global mobile communication operator with widest 3G coverage and fastest network with attractive data plans.

We provide seamless connectivity thorough our smart mobile data devices; modems and Wi-Fi Routers.

Wi-Fi Router

Airtel offers two Wi-Fi router that enable internet sharing:

ZTE-MF60 router is a small portable mobile wireless router that allows about 8 devices connect simultaneously to the internet.

The Office in a box (OIB) router is a Wi-Fi device that allows up to 35 devices connect to the internet at the same time. These Wi-Fi and routers are best suited for Residential Use, Small Office, Ad hoc Teams or groups for a particular project, back-up internet access small, large and multinational businesses.


The Airtel dongle is a pocket-size internet modem.

To get started, you need to put an Airtel SIM into the dongle (The Airtel SIM has to be registered).

You can recharge your data on the dongle by using the USSD link on the dongle Graphical User Interface that is displayed on computer.

Features of Mobile Data Devices

  • It is a plug and play device and easy to setup or install.
  • Connect multiple devices You can use the modem in most PCs, Laptops, and Apple Macs. Each modem may vary slightly because of the operating system of your computer.


  • Enjoy a great deal of data bundles for both prepaid and postpaid numbers.
  • Postpaid customers stand the chance to get a free modem or router at a higher bundle.
  • Enjoy longer subscription days for your bundles.

One Airtel

We offer best roaming services, so to receive incoming calls for free and be charged local rates for making outgoing calls from over 18 countries in Asia and Africa.

One Airtel provides a simple tariff within Airtel's footprint while offering one FLAT rate while roaming within its network in Africa. Airtel Kenya customers travelling across Airtel Africa's 15 countries can roam on any of the Airtel networks.

Receiving calls while roaming is free of charge for the first 100 minutes a month.

Upon expiry of the free incoming calls; subscriber will be allowed to receive calls at a fee while roaming the One Airtel footprint across Africa and South Asia.

The countries where the new flat rate applies include Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Ghana, DRC, Gabon, Congo, Niger, Tchad, Rwanda and Madagascar.

International Calling

Airtel offers premium call quality to all international destinations. Enjoy lower rates to India, China, U.K, U.S and Canada. The packs offer flexibility and affordability to enable you keep in touch with your family and friends in any of these destinations.

Check out our international calling rates below:

Canada, China, India, USA, UK-fixed Ksh 4 bob per minute
South Sudan, Rwanda & Uganda Ksh 10 bob per minute
South Africa, United Arab Emirates & United Kingdom-mobile Ksh 18 bob per minute
All other Africa countries except Madagascar Ksh 30 bob per minute
All other Africa countries except North Korea & Western-Samoa Ksh 40 bob per minute


Madagascar, North Korea, Western Samoa Ksh 50 bob per minute
Latvia, Tonga, Palau, Greenland, Cook, Cuba, East Timor, Maldives,
Solomon Islands, Wallis and Futuna
Ksh 90 bob per minute
All special services, non-geographic & satellite destinations Ksh 500 bob per minute

Enjoy the best rates only on Airtel


International Roaming

At Airtel, we ensure that you have the freedom to interact with your global customers without having to worry about the cost.

Our Global presence and vast international roaming partnerships enable you to stay connected while abroad regardless of geographical location.

How to start roaming

Postpaid individual customers need to pay a roaming deposit for service provisioning. This can be done by visiting any of our branches country wide.

Corporate customers provisioning requests for roaming services should be channeled through account managers.

It is advisable to call our Customer Care on 100 at least 48 hours before you travel to confirm whether your international roaming service is activated or not.

How to connect to a GSM network when you are abroad

While abroad, you can choose one of our partner operators automatically or manually.

To activate manually:

  1. Go to options once your phone comes on
  2. Go to Networks and connections
  3. Go to Mobile Networks
  4. Go to mobile networks settings
  5. Go to Network selection
  6. Choose manual network
  7. Scan for available network
  8. Choose network