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Convergence and Collaborative services

Audio Conferencing

Bring employees, partners and suppliers from different locations together into one conversation.

Our Audio Conferencing service connects multiple parties from separate places to one simultaneous conversation over a telephone.

There are three main types of premium Audio Conference services from Airtel as follows:

Reservation-Less Service

Participants can join their conference call any time they need without any prior reservation.

Each participant / group of participants would have a set of unique access numbers.

Conference can be conducted on availability of ports.

Reserved Service

Unattended - Participants dial in to the Audio Conference Service from Airtel number and join a conference after punching the conference code - IVR Attended - Participants dial in to the Audio Conference Service from Airtel number, are welcomed by the operator, and subsequently included into their conference.

Dedicated Port Service (Lease Ports)

A specific number of ports are dedicated for uninterrupted conference calls.

Conference can be conducted instantly with 24x7 port availability.

Required number of ports can be booked as dedicated ports on a fixed monthly rental basis.


  • Saves time and money, shortening project times and connecting a flexible number of participants.
  • Existing customers have no worries on security deposit for sign up
  • Fixed access charge per registration
  • Enjoy value added services (dedicated operator assistance, conferencing recording, CD delivery, 3-Day playback on bridge) at an affordable rates

Video Conferencing

Also available to connect global and mobile work for meetings to save time and increase business productivity is our Video Conferencing Solution.

Tele Conferencing

Short Code

We have a reliable platform for SMS Marketing with our easily memorable short codes.

This service allows a business to send and receive large volumes of SMS to and from its customers.


  • Simple to respond to customers feedbacks
  • Send alerts to customers on business reports and productions
  • Send notifications through targeted locations of your customers

Closed User Groups (CUG

Grant your employees with unlimited talk time with Airtel Business Closed User Group Solution.

This solution allows the whole organization to talk without restriction to each other for a fixed monthly fee and offers the opportunity of full cost control to business owners.


  • This package is available for postpaid and prepaid groups, organizations, teams and the likes
  • Enjoy Unlimited talk time within corporate groups.
  • Builds the collaboration between employees thereby increasing productivity.
  • Groups can enjoy other services such as SMS, DATA and International Calls