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Device ecosystem

Airtel business introduces thuraya satellite solution

Bridging the digital divide in Africa

A growing demand for communications technology in Africa has given way to the convergence of satellite and mobile communications through a unique partnership agreement between Airtel Africa and Thuraya. The two companies have teamed up to deliver reliable mobile satellite solutions and expand its reach across 17 countries in Africa.

Airtel Africa is the first and only African mobile network operator to offer 100 percent coverage through terrestrial and mobile satellite connectivity as part of its portfolio of services.


Airtel Africa’s satellite proposition includes Thuraya satellite phones and mobile satellite broadband terminals that help users quickly set up a field office, track fleets or access their corporate network from wherever they are, beyond the borders.

Customers are therefore always connected, whether via data or through voice.

Airtel Business is the sole distributor of Thuraya Products in Ghana.

Land Voice

  • Thuraya XT-LITE
  • Thuraya SatSleeve (for Android & iPhone)
  • Thuraya XT
  • Thuraya XT-Hotspot

Land Data

  • Thuraya IP Voyager
  • Thuraya IP Commander
  • Thuraya IP+
  • Thuraya IP


  • Thuraya Atlas IP
  • Thuraya Orion IP
  • SF2500
  • Seagull 5000i with Fax Connect

Device Plan

We provide flexible device plans for individuals, small, medium and large businesses through our smart mobile device bundles.

Our device plans are categorized under three sections:

  • Company Owned-Company Paid: These are device plans funded by companies for its employees.
  • Individual Owned-Company Paid: These are device plans requested by an individual within an organization and funded by the individual’s organization.
  • Individual Owned-Individual Paid: These are device plans requested and funded by an individual within or without an organization.


  • Flexible - opportunity to enjoy latest smart devices and choose from attractive bundles for every employee.
  • Retention strategy - builds employee commitment to the company.
  • Enhance Productivity - a source of motivation for employees to give their best.
  • Secured - full management of employee funds.
  • Device warranty - One year warranty on all devices.

Blackberry Services

Our Blackberry plans will change the way you do business, simply because you'll never be out of touch.

Users get full access to Blackberry Internet Service (BIS). BIS connects them to the internet, Outlook mail and web-based email.

Features / Benefits

  • Push e-mail technology enables users to send and receive emails in real-time.
  • Users can also access the Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES). BES allows users to access their corporate intranets, and use messaging and collaboration software.
  • They can sync calendar tasks between their desktop and cell phone, making scheduling appointments and delegating tasks extraordinarily simple.