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Managed and hosted services

Bulk SMS

This is an intelligent, integrated bulk messaging solution for organizations of all sizes.

The user interface is designed to assist Airtel Business customers send bulk messages to their clients.

Easily send single, hundreds, thousands and millions of SMS messages to your database online management tool with enterprise scalability, security and reliability.

Easily import and manage lists from standard applications like Excel.


  • Improve communication with staff, customers and partners affordably.
  • Get complete control over your SMS communication.
  • You will get records of all communication you sent out by SMS.

Only Airtel to Airtel

Bulk recharge

This is an ideal solution to simplify recharges of multiple prepaid numbers of customers.

We have a reliable recharge system which is secured and simple to upload airtime within seconds.


  • Prepaid - Mobile lines, data lines, Landlines.
  • For associations, clubs, teams, organizations and the likes.
  • Top up when airtime exhaust.
  • No restriction on airtime usage, customers can bundle any amount for data, make calls to all network, IDD, SMS etc.


  • Saves loads of time .
  • Scalable - airtime allocation can differ for each employee.
  • No time lag in passing of airtime.

Machine-to-Machine Solution - SIMcontrol

This is a self-service prepaid M2M/telemetry SIM management system that allows clients to better manage large numbers of prepaid SIMs in devices.

SIMcontrol allows clients to set up their own custom recharge rules, monitors SIM balances daily and processes pin-less recharges automatically from a prefunded purse.


  • No open-ended billing. Real time visibility over SIMs.
  • Restrict SIM abuse (custom recharge rules).
  • Limit abuse and theft (balance monitoring or abuse warnings).
  • Detailed online use and billing information.
  • Flexibility (add or suspend SIMs through the online portal).

Cloud Services - Have You Considered Cloud Computing for your Business?

This is a solution that allows you to take your business to the world and do business form around the world.

Airtel Cloud Services allows customers to build their website and control the efficient sharing of on-demand, self-managed virtual Organizations.


  • Reduce cost; no hardware or software to install or maintain Competitive subscription plans.
  • This means more cost savings Increased productivity.
  • You’ll save valuable time by finding and accessing files with the click of a button On demand self-service.
  • This allows you to find and get new services online Complete control.
  • Decide who has access to which documents and what functions they can carry out on those documents.
  • Greater business stability. Keep all your valuable data safe Fast access to services. Its easy to get started, because no installation is required.

Products of Airtel Cloud Services

  • Hosted Email.
  • Document Management.
  • Website Builder and Domain Registration.

Caller Ring Back Tone (CRBT)

Airtel CRBT gives your business the opportunity to attract new customers with every call your business receives.

Our CRBT service turns every call made to your business into an automated sales pitch, delivering a concise promotional message of your business to customers.


It allows you to replace the standard ringing tone with audio content to promote your products and services.


There are several possibilities, such as extending the  service from your Airtel Fixed Line to the mobile lines of every employee.

It’s a great way to create awareness and take your business to another level.


  • Serves as a business communication tool.
  • It is versatile, allowing your business to address basic/standard customer services enquiries quickly.


We provide a dedicated environment for your IT hardware in a secured and globally connected facility.

This allows you to plan for the future, by providing your IT infrastructure with reliable facilities, operational expertise and flexible service options so it can easily expand your business.

This service will allow your business to build a custom solution that fits your current needs and future scalability (add more servers, storage and services) as you grow.


  • Physically secure structure to protect your investments.
  • Raised floors and floor loading, along with loading docks and freight elevators to help move equipment safely.
  • Evolving product portfolio upgrades that help keep you ahead of the market.
  • Optional support services for installation, networking, monitoring, security and more.
  • Direct access to our IP network and leading telecom carriers around the globe.

Virtual PABX

Airtel Mobile PBX is a fully hosted Private Branch eXchange (PBX) service that allows customers’ mobile numbers function as PBX extensions while still retaining the primary function of a mobile line.

It allows businesses to break free from the standard landline office PABX systems and use their mobile phones as PABX extensions.

Staff members are no longer restricted to being in the office premises to receive/make internal (intercom-to-intercom) and/or external (fixed/mobile-to-intercom/extension) calls.

Ibex Smart PABX is a hosted office telephony exchange solution that allows mobile networks to offer all the standard features and more, of a traditional PABX to its corporate mobile clients especially SMEs and SOHOs.


  • Easy to setup.
  • Allows employees to connect regardless of their location.