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MVNO Business

What ?

Airtel, as a Pan-African Network, offers MVNO Partnerships. Businesses that are interested in offering mobility services can do so without investing in their own mobile network, or owning a spectrum license, by working with Airtel as their host mobile network operator (host MNO).

The MVNO operating and commercial model will depend on the level of investment and services in the mobile value chain the MVNO partner wishes to own – core network, IT services, customer service operations, sim card, brand and product, sales, marketing and distribution.

  • Branded reseller (light MVNO)
  • Service Provider
  • Full MVNO


Each MVNO must hold an operating license issued by the Communications Authority of Kenya, and is subject and liable to relevant regulatory provisions under the licensing category.

Airtel will work with interested MVNO partners to understand their business model and target segments and together evaluate business case and plan to ensure a win win partnership.


For the MVNO partners - MVNO provides a low barrier to entering the mobile industry to create value

For the consumer - greater innovation and choice means increased competitiveness and value for money

For the industry - the market is opened up, direct investment increases and more jobs are created

For regulators - limited spectrum resource is optimized through sharing

For host MNO - there is more efficient use of deployed capacity