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Carrier Services

Airtel is one of the Largest Pan African Carriers with:

  • 15 Mobile Operations in Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, DRC, Congo Brazzaville, Malawi, Zambia, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Gabon, Madagascar, Seychelles)
  • 4 hubs – with all 15 countries interconnected on fiber and microwave
  • 3 undersea cables each on the north, east and west of Africa
  • 40 owned + operated international MPLS (iMPLS) PoPs across Africa
  • +25 network partnerships to cater for last mile connectivity beyond Airtel PoPs
  • Ability to self - provide last mile access in multiple countries with end to end SLAs
  • IP PoP in Kenya allowing aggregation for traffic to exit Kenya through Nairobi rather than through London, as well as access to global content locally
  • Reach the rest of the world through parent company, Bharti Airtel, whose assets include;
    • Minimum 3 cable systems on Atlantic and Pacific side to carry Internet traffic to reach different geographies such as Middle East, Europe, USA East Coast, APAC, USA West Coast.
    • Airtel has IP PoPs and strategic peering at key locations (Dubai, London, Marseille, New York, Los Angles, Singapore, Hong Kong) to provide best user experience and best of content.
    • Airtel is present in all the top Internet exchanges across the globe
    • Operations in 18 countries in Africa and Asia
    • Global network across 80 countries
    • Global satellite coverage