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Airtel Business delivers end to end telecommunications solutions to businesses, Governments and Non-governmental organizations. Our customers and target segments include Global businesses/Multinational corporations, Corporate businesses, Government and Public sector entities, UN and Diplomatic missions, Small and Medium businesses (SMEs) and Carriers.

Business Mobility Services

Our mobile voice and data services include pure postpaid, postpaid hybrid, data plans, customized voice and data bundle plans, broadband internet services over 3G and 4G infrastructure and device plans. Our mobility product portfolio also includes managed and hosted services such as bulk SMS, bulk top up, corporate ring back tones and machine to machine (M2M)/telemetry asset management and tracking services.

Fixed Connectivity Solutions

Our fixed connectivity solutions include local and international MPLS solutions, international private leased circuits (IPLC), point to point and point to multipoint solutions, corporate internet, fixed voice E1s, local and international toll free services.

Convergence and Collaboration Tools

Our convergence and collaboration tools and services such as closed user groups (CUG), short codes and audio conferencing services make it possible for organizations, employees and work groups to collaborate and drive productivity and efficiency at a fraction of the cost. Get the right people whether suppliers, partners, customers, investors or employees at the right place and time without the frustration and costs associated with planning meetings and travel.

Mobile Money Payment Solutions Through Airtel Money

Businesses and governments can make it easier for customers, citizens and suppliers to pay for goods and services by customizing an easy to remember pay bill number or nickname on our Airtel Money service. The service also offers payments solutions for business to their employees, partners or suppliers and comes with an online portal for viewing payments in real time and generating instant reports. Our Airtel Money VISA card maps the balance on one's Airtel Money account onto the card, allowing the user to access any ATM machine and merchants/payment terminal that accepts VISA, World-Wide.