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Online Payment Portal

Airtel Kenya post-paid customers can now pay bills online

Airtel has introduced an online platform where our post-paid customers will be able to conveniently make their bill payments. Through the website, our customers can now utilize several payment channels to pay their bills using VISA, MasterCard and Mobile money.

With this online payment platform, post-paid customers will reduce the need to visit Airtel customer service shops in order to make payments for their bills.

For a customer to be able to make a postpaid payment, one will be required to visit from their web browser and key in their payment details. The customer will then proceed to the 'make payment' option where one will confirm his or her payment details. The final step is to select the payment method and confirm payment.

It is important to correctly enter account information for each payment to ensure accurate and timely posting to the system. Customers will then receive an SMS notification after a successful payment.