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About Airtel CSR


Since we began operations in Kenya, Airtel Kenya has not only strived to create a telecommunication network that is affordable and accessible but has also invested heavily in community capacity building through the Airtel Spirit. Our CSR project focus is about empowering, enabling and unlocking the potential of future generations to succeed and create wealth – social, financial and health.   Our project focus is therefore primarily on African youth aged broadly from 12 to 30 years.

As Airtel Kenya:

  1. We want to be known and recognised as a socially responsible company – a good corporate citizen amongst our stakeholders.  Our reputation is important to us, our shareholders and ultimately for our sustainability.
  2. We want our customers to know that what they see as important issues, we take note of in our CSR plans.  We listen to our customers and strive to engage their hearts and minds in our relationship with them.
  3. We want our brand to be loved and our positioning around the power of potential to be supported by our CSR investment. CSR should show Airtel Africa can unlock potential. We believe CSR can greatly enhance brand love in all our markets.
  4. We want our employees to be energised and motivated through opportunities to be involved in CSR projects.

Our Vision;

our CSR activities will improve the lives of our communities and especially by inspiring success in the youth.

Our Mission;

Harness the power of our technology, customers, employees and partners to drive social change

The Airtel Spirit is the code which the brand and staff engage in sustainable community development initiatives to create lasting value beyond monetary value.

The Airtel Spirit is achieved on the strength of the following pillars:


Airtel identifies education as a core pillar of social investment that helps in the realization of individual and collective dreams and the development of the community. It is with this reason that the company has invested in education programmes that tap into Airtel’s technology and brand presence with the aim of enhancing the learning process in schools thus empowering the young minds for a better tomorrow.
The Airtel Internet program enables the communities and students in Kenya to broaden their learning through free access to educational material and other learning information available online so they can do more to be successful in life.

Thousands of students across the country continue to benefit from Airtel’s free internet connectivity program, receiving free 24 hours access to the Internet, benefiting from the unlimited amount of educational material and information available online hence broadening their learning.

With changes in the education system which has seen more and more students turning to the Internet for learning resources, Airtel has chosen to invest in the development of education in the country through the provision of free access to the internet for students and living the Airtel spirit in the community. Airtel is Kenya’s leading company providing free internet and education to school children. Airtel is a brand that genuinely cares about the future of school children in Kenya. The company’s internet and education initiative has a profound and positive life impact for school children through better access to education.

So far many institutions; more than 90 public and private schools, hospital, 2 police stations and not forgetting organizations like Albinism Society of Kenya, have benefited from this initiative. Having started this initiative last year, Airtel Kenya strives to connect over 1 million students in the new financial year.

We strive to improve the education sector in the country not only through internet connectivity but also through many different ways where we believe it will impact the students positively. These initiatives will help them achieve their educational goals and what they would want to achieve in life.

These include Silala School Bag donations where students were given schools bags where they could carry their school books easier , Solar Lamps donation where Airtel Kenya donated 40 solar lamps to Tala SA primary school and St. Mary’s Tala primary school in Machakos County, school books donation at Baobab Children’s Home in Coast zone, furniture donations in various schools across the country and Mogra Star Academy Mathare school program where Airtel Kenya  started a feeding program for more than 900 children in the school and also started paying teachers’ salaries for the period of two years that the partnership will last which was believed to help the students stay in school and concentrate more in class not worrying about what they will eat and also give the teachers the motivation to teach these students knowing that they are well catered for.

Employee volunteerism

Today's children grow up having to cope with many social issues and challenges as they pursue their dreams of achieving their education dreams and as they go through difficult life transitions.

Mentorship is crucial when it comes to encouraging and supporting children through their education journey, protecting them from the pressure caused by the challenges they faces in life,  ensuring that they become the best they possibly can.

The Airtel Spirit encourages a selfless giving of time on both an individual and a corporate level.  As Airtel employees, we feel that we have a great deal of career and life experience to contribute. We find it important to share this experience with students. It is for this reason that the Airtel Mentorship Program was launched last year October.

So far staff members have been to Jesus Love Ministry in Eldoret, Good Samaritan Orphans and destitute centre, Mukuru Promotion Centre - St. Bakhita primary school and Mogra Star Academy in Nairobi to offer their personal experience on success and the importance of reading and finding a career that they love, how to prepare for exams, encouraging students to identify their career paths and develop skills that they can use in their future.


A healthy Nation is a progressive Nation and Airtel Kenya shares the same belief.

With the Ebola outbreak in Africa that brought a scare to people, Airtel partnered with the African Union (AU) Commission to garner resources in support of Ebola affected countries in West Africa. The initiative, known as ‘Africa United against Ebola Campaign’ will use an SMS dedicated platform to raise funds from citizens for the deployment of African health workers to affected countries.

Running for a good course, Airtel divas participated in the Beyond Zero Campaign Half Marathon in support of the First lady Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta’s Beyond Zero initiative aimed at improving maternal health care in Kenya.  This was in the spirit of raising money to enable in purchasing of 26 mobile clinics for the remaining counties in addition to 21 already donated last year by the 1st Lady.

This came on a day that the world was celebrating the International Women’s Day, a time to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the communities.   



Airtel has also supported I-Afrika biogas project which will help produce environmentally friendly fertilizer and cut cost in fuel and electricity expenses. This will ensure the conservation of the environment and production of clean and cheaper energy sources.

Airtel also partnered with Rotary Club of Nairobi East for a safe water harvesting project that will provide clean drinking and cooking water at Enkeriyan Primary School in Kajiado County and the neighbouring community.   

The company also commissioned new toilet facilities at Murang’a School for the hearing impaired in Murang’a County with an aim of improving learning environment for students. The new ablution block for boys and girls has helped in improving the environmental and hygienic conditions in the school hence promoting the pursuit of academic excellence among students.

Selection of projects

All projects have to be aligned to our CSR strategy. We follow a fair, transparent and objective process.

The selection of projects goes through a rigorous assessment and score card process to help us identify and commit to projects. Every current project and new proposal for social investment is assessed using the scorecard below before we make a commitment to projects.

The score card metrics is as below.





1. Aligned Sector focus


8. Competent service providers delivering


2. Aligned Beneficiary focus


9. Effective measurement in place


3. Business Alignment


10. Will continue impact over long-term


4. Addresses social need or issue


11. Customer engagement potential


5. Government support


12. Stakeholder partnership potential


6.  Can or is working in other countries


13 Will have Media interest


7. Number of people impacted


14. Employee engagement potential




Every proposal we receive is taken through our scorecard. Projects scoring over 80 will be reviewed by CSR Committee and then recommendations and decisions will be made on ability to support if budget is available.

You can send your proposal for social investment funding to CSRKenya@ke.airtel.com
Kindly expect to receive feedback on your proposal after 14 working days.