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Airtel Zawadi FAQs

Airtel Zawadi is a rewards program from Airtel Kenya whereby Airtel subscribers who have enrolled to the program get to earn points that can later be turned into airtime or data bundles or even merchandise.

Q. How do I enroll?

Dial *326# and select option 3 to enroll

Q. How do I earn points?

Once you are enrolled you earn points by using your airtel line to call, SMS, browse or do any chargeable airtel money transactions. For each Kshs. spent you earn1 point

Q. What can I redeem?

You can redeem airtime, data bundles or merchandise.

Q. Can I redeem without being registered?

No you cannot redeem, first you have to be KYC

Q. How do I check my Airtime Balance after I have redeemed?

To check the number of remaining Airtime in your account dial *133*8#

Q. When I redeem airtime can I call or SMS to other Networks?

Yes, you certainly can, Dial *326# and select option 2 to redeem your free airtime.

Q. Can port in customers enroll into Airtel Zawadi?

Yes, you

Q. Can I lose my points?

Yes if

  • Your line is blacklisted
  • You have not been using your line for more than 90days

Q. How long are my zawadi points valid for?

Your Zawadi points are valid for 24 months.

Q. I am a postpaid customer, can I enroll?

Yes, you can.

All customers are eligible for ZAWADI program except Corporate postpaid. Payphone Operators,PABX numbers and AM Dealer lines.

Q. Are there any further obligations associated with being enrolled into the Airtel Zawadi?

No there are no further obligations.

Our scheme is to reward you for using the Airtel Network so all you have to do is to continue using the Airtel Network and you will earn points that you can use to get great rewards!

Q. How much does it cost to enroll into the Program?

It does not cost anything to enroll in the Airtel Zawadi. Enrolment is free of charge for all customers.

Q. Which customers are NOT allowed to enroll?

The only customers that are not allowed to enroll are Corporate postpaid, Payphone Operators, PABX numbers and AM dealer lines

NB: Currently, a NEW PREPAID CUSTOMER cannot enroll to Zawadi. This is part of improving the Zawadi loyalty program. We regret any inconvenience caused.

Q. Do I earn Zawadi points when I recharge using vouchers?


Q. I am a postpaid customer, how do I earn Zawadi points?

You earn Zawadi points by usage just like prepaid customers but your Zawadi points will only become redeemable once you pay your monthly bill in full.

Q. How can I check the number of Zawadi points I have accumulated?

  • Dial *326# and selection option 1
  • Or Call the Call Centre on 100
  • Or Visit our airtel outlets

Q. What is a Zawadi Cash Discount Voucher?

This voucher gives you a cash discount on any item picked from any airtel shop, hence allowing you to pay less using cash. The voucher is generated from your zawadi points and is presented to the airtel shop agent to process and accept the discount for the item picked.

Q. Can I transfer earned points to another number?

Yes you can share earned points by dialing *326# option 4.

You need to change your default pin of 1234 to preferred pin if not yet changed to enable you transfer points

Once you use the default pin 1234 to transfer points you will receive a message prompt

“Dear Customer, you need to change your default pin for you to transfer points.”