Q. What is Airtel Money?
Q. Do I need to have a bank account?
Q. Do I need to have a minimum amount in my account like some banks ask for?
Q. Do I need to pay any service charges for having an Airtel Money account?
Q. Can I top up a prepaid account of any other network in Malawi?
Q. Does Airtel Money work across networks?
Q. I do not have Airtel money menu on my phone
Q. Can I use Airtel Money if I have no airtime credit?
Q. Who are the Airtel Money agents?
Q. Can I register for Airtel Money if I am not an Airtel customer?
Q. What are the charges for Airtel money transactions?
Q. What do I do in case of the wrong transfer?
Q. I did not get the SMS transaction confirmation
Q. What happens if Airtel network is down can I still use Airtel Money services?
Q. What if I lose my phone/ SIM card? Will I lose my Airtel Money?
Q. What if I forget my password?
Q. How many times I can change my password
Q. How do I track the activity on my Airtel Money Account
Q. How safe is my Money?
Q. How does Airtel Money work?
Q. What is Nick Name and how can I use it?
Q. Can I send money outside Malawi?

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