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With Airtel Nigeria's extensive 3G data services, the  following data bundles are available to our Postpaid subscribers:

Plan Data Allowance (NORMAL) Retail Price (N) Validity period
Top-Up 100 MB 600 -
Smartphone1 500MB 2,000 30 days
Smart phone 2 1GB 3,000 30 days
Plus 3GB 5,000 30 days
Max 5GB 8,000 30 days
Premium 10GB 15,000 30 days
To Check Data Usage - - -



Postpaid plans can be activated by contacting an Airtel staff  (called a KAM) or by walking into any Airtel retail shop for directions on the  associated modalities.                

-  Customers can top up (subsequent to taking up any of the plans in the table above) with the following:          

Postpaid Data Bundle Plan Data Allowance (MB) Retail Price (N) Validity period USSD SMS
TopUp 100 600 30 days *141*11*9# top
TopUp Lite 200 1,000 30 days *141*11*10# toplite
TopUp Smartphone1 500 2,000 30 days *141*11*11# topsmart1
TopUp Smartphone2 1024 3,000 30 days *141*11*12# topsmart2


-          Only customers who have not reached their credit limits can take up any of the plans via SMS or USSD

-          Each of the plans above expires at the end of the monthly cycle