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YouTube Video Packs


Airtel YouTube video packs are data plans that allow you to watch YouTube videos on your device at affordable rates. 

YouTube Video Packs come in a variety options;


YOUTUBE 300 300MB 7 *323*12# These data plans are designed for you to enjoy NON-STOP streaming on Youtube
150 300MB
** This data plan is usable
1AM - 5AM Daily
7 (1-5am) *323*22#
1,000 1.5GB + 3GB Night
** Night Data is usable
1AM - 5AM Daily
30 *323*31#


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the YouTube Video Pack? 
The YouTube video Packs are new affordable data plans that allow you to watch YouTube videos on your device


2. How can I activate these data plans? 

Simply dial the applicable activation code or send the activation SMS to purchase any of the plans.


3. Who is eligible for this offer?

All new and existing Airtel customers are eligible to enjoy this offer.

4. Can I use the YouTube data plan to stream videos from other sites?

No. The data plan can be used to stream videos from ONLY YouTube.


5. How do I check my YouTube Video Pack balance?
To check your YouTube data balance, simply dial *140#


6. Can I share this data plan?

The YouTube Pack plans are not eligible for sharing.


7. Can I rollover un-used data balance?

No. Data rollover does not apply to these plans.


8. Will this plan be renewed? 

Yes, this bundle will be renewed at expiry; in line with our standard auto-renewal policy.


9. Will I be able to cancel auto-renewal? 

If you activated the offer and want to cancel auto-renewal, simply dial the direct de-activation codes. 


10. Can I activate any other data plan while my YouTube plan is still active? 

Yes. You can activate any Airtel Data plan anytime by dialing *141#.