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Here's what you can enjoy on our 3.75G network.

1. airtel Internet Browsing

2. airtel Video Calling

a. Features

Sometimes life pulls us in a million directions and takes us away from the people we care most about. It is easy to miss those important events in someone's life that we care dearly about because of distance or time differences. Watching your son score the winning touchdown while you're on business or talking to your significant other while on the other side of the country is now a possibility with video calling phones.


  • Phones with video calling capabilities provide instant face-to-face communication with anyone, anywhere. No more missing those life-changing moments. You will be there and see everything, all through the lens of your mobile device.
  • One of the key features that sets video calling phones apart from smartphones is the front-facing camera. Having the camera placed in the front allows you to easily hold the phone and communicate with the person you are video calling. Because without the video calling feature, what good would two cameras on your phone truly do for you?
  • Corporates to benefit from video conferencing
  • Enhanced communication for the deaf and speech-impaired
  • All customers wishing to keep in touch by making video calls

b. Price Points

Video call rates tariffs




Classic per minute


c. Accessing the services and getting help

No extra provisioning or configuration required as all numbers have been pre-configured for video calling. Just get a video calling device and make the call to another video calling device on the airtel network.

Getting help:

  • Visit any airtel Centre for assistance on Data/Internet devices (Dedicated data support staff) or call 456 on your airtel mobile (toll free) to speak to a data agent.
  • Dedicated data customer support email: customerservice@rw.airtel.com

3. airtel 3G Roaming

Roaming allows you to use your number to make and receive calls, text and data while outside your home country. airtel 3G roaming allows you to access the internet on a 3G network in another country.