Our corporate partners can enjoy a number of solutions allowing faster, cheaper and more convenient collection and payments.

Airtel Money Batch Payment Solution

Dispense employee salaries using our Salary Payment Solution which ensures security and reduced amounts of hard cash in the business premises.


  • Cash administration tool for Corporate companies, SMEs, Government and Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Enables the organizations to send funds to their employees and suppliers (wages & salaries) via  airtel money platform


  • Reduced cost of salaries & wages processing
  • Reduced risk of transporting cash from the bank to organizational premises

The documents required

  • Applicant’s Certificate of Incorporation/Business Registration Form;
  • Two of the Applicant’s Directors’/Managers; IDs

Where to submit

  • Corporate Account Executive
  • airtel Mobile Commerce
  • airtel SL Ltd
  • 25 Main Motor Road
  • Hill Station
  • Freetown

An email address or a contact number where somebody can call and give leads
madeleine.williams@sl.airtel.com +23276600095

The tariff chart for a Bulk transaction

  • Transaction fee for Businesses is 0.25%
  • Transaction fee for NGO/non-profit making organizations is 0.15%

Download airtel Money Bulk Payment Contract Form

For more Information on the airtel money Batch Payment Service, email your requests and contact to airtelmoney@sl.airtel.com and we will get back to you.

Airtel Money cash collection solution

Increase efficiency of cash-collection by using airtel money as a payment method for purchases by your customers.


  • Using the airtel money Menu, customers can send funds to a designated mobile number or business name for their purchases or payments.
  • The organization will get the funds in their virtual airtel money account, which they can then credit directly to their Bank account.


  • Efficiency in collection of cash owed to the organization.
  • Quick turn around time for customers to continue enjoying services uninterrupted.

Organizations that are effectively using this solution include Transnational SL Limited, Sierra Ferries Limited, NPA (WIP), Guma Valley Water Company (WIP); to name a few.