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Community Radios in partnership with Unesco


Airtel Tanzania joint venture with UNESCO to sponsor community radio set up in underprivileged areas with no radio broadcast , areas facing social cultural challenges. For Airtel Tanzania this is one way of reaching to the community in need and part of company’s CSR activities.


  • To reach marginalized community – community that believes in witchcrafts, high rate of HIV AIDS transmission, women Circumcision, illiteracy, child education (girls child not taken to school)
  • To Enhance communication sector in the country
  • Provide education to the society through radio broadcasting – that is to educate the social on wrong practices like women circumcision that is highly excises in areas like Masai highlands
  • Support social, political, cultural and economic development to ensure significant transformation that will resulted to overall community development
  • Support to marketing of local products through radio and m-commerce

Our contribution

We have hosted radio transmitter in our tower at no cost for contracted period of time, we have used our infrastructure to reach to the community.

Annual contribution value for each project is equal to total amount of $10000 x 12 = $12,000.