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Millenium Villages in partnership with the Earth Institute

A project geared at improving access to medical and education services in rural areas through mobile technology.

Partnership started in 2011.

Airtel has provided 220 lines for community health workers and community education workers under the project who have clusters within Mbola in Tabora.

Each worker can interact with households within their clusters at a subsidized rate (CUG) and connect them with.

Millennium Promise Tanzania partnered with Airtel Company for the purpose of facilitating voice and data Tanzania staffs were given CUG line to smoocommunication across the mbola millennium village cluster.

Airtel donated SIMCARDS grouped into two categories, CUG and Data lines.

All MP then free communication between them. For the case of data lines, CHW (Community Health Workers) uses a dedicated software program called CommCare to collect and send data via internet connection service to remote server.