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Airtel New Data bundles

Airtel Networks Zambia in its drive to provide the best services and products to its subscribers has introduced Chaopena Data bundles. Chaopena Data bundles as the name entails provides the best value for money as Airtel is now providing far much greater volume benefit compared to what subscribers previously used to get at the same prices. Chaopena Data bundles have come at the best time as Airtel has also modernized the Network and now providing 4G Coverage to our subscribers. The New Data bundles will enable Airtel subscribers to enjoy 4G services with the comfort of knowing that their bundle is ideal enough for them not to be inconvenienced with quickly running out of Data.

Enjoy the 4G experience with a Chaopena Data bundle. Dial *575# and select option 1 for Chaopena Data Deals! The Best Data Deals In town!!!


New Revamped Data bundles.

1. What are the new Revamped Data bundles?

ANS: The New Revamped Data bundles are the latest Data bundles that have replaced the old bundle platform.

2. What is the key benefit of the new revamped Data bundles?

ANS: The key benefit of the new revamped Data bundles is that they give more volume for the price of each bundle. The first of its kind amongst all the operators. This will offer convenience and affordability to our customers.

3. How do I access the new revamped Data bundles?

ANS: The Data new revamped Data bundles are accessible on the 575 Data menu as well as the Airtel Care App that can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

4. How do I check balance of the new revamped Data bundles?

ANS: To check balance of the new revamped Data bundles, simply dial *575# and select option 7 for balance check.

5. Can I send Data me2u on the new revamped Data bundles?

ANS: Yes, you are eligible to send up to 1GB per day and the maximum per transfer will be 350MB. You are eligible to send only 3 Data me2u transactions per day.

6. Is there a charge on the new revamped bundles for Data me2u?

ANS: No charge will apply for Data me2u.

7. Will the revamped Data bundles be available on Postpaid?

ANS: Yes, the revamped Data bundles will be available on Postpaid from weekly revamped to 90 day revamped bundles.

8. Since the bundle Data bundles are changing, is priority of usage change against other products such as Social bundles and Soche?

ANS: Priority of usage for the revamped Data bundles against other services such as Social bundles and Soche will not change.

Data usage: In an event that a customer does not have a valid Data bundle (be it Normal bundle, Social bundle, So Che etc), all internet usage will be billed from the customers main account.

New Data Bundles
New Price Bundle Size Validity Prepaid Postpaid Availability Home Bundle Availability
2.00 20MB 1 YES NA No
3.00 60MB 1 YES NA No
5.00 200MB 1 YES NA No
7.00 350MB 1 YES NA No
10.00 700MB 1 YES NA No
25.00 2GB 1 YES NA No
25.00 1GB 7 YES YES No
50.00 2.5GB 7 YES YES No
100.00 6GB 7 YES YES No
150.00 10GB 7 YES YES No
50.00 1.5GB 30 YES YES No
100.00 5GB 30 YES YES No
200.00 12GB 30 YES YES YES
400.00 25GB 30 YES YES YES
700.00 35GB 60 YES YES YES
900.00 50GB 90 YES YES YES
1,500.00 100GB 90 YES YES YES