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Home Data Plans on Boarding Process

Thank you for buying a device from Airtel. With your new device, you can use our new Home Data Plans.

The following are the easy steps to get you going:

  1. log on to the self-care site on:
  2. Enter your device number (The phone number of your router/ Mifi / Dongle) on the page

  3. You will be requested to enter the last four (4) digits of the sim serial number on the page as shown below. The serial number of the SIM is found on the back of the SIM card in your device

  4. Once you have entered the four digits, you will be requested to register a primary number. A primary number is a number that you will be receiving notifications for your device. The number has to be a Zambian mobile number only

  5. Once you have paired your phone number (primary number) with the device number, you would have activated your free bundle if you have just bought a new device. If you are using an old router that came with a SIM card, then you are all set and you can start to enjoy your browsing