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About Home Data Plan

Airtel Home Data plans are big data bundles that are applicable only to help have internet connectivity at home. You can access these big volume data bundles using your routers, MiFi and Routers only.

These offers come with data bundles that are all valid for 30 days and cannot be used on a mobile handset but only on the data devices. You can access these data bundles using the self-care site that is not chargeable when you are using Airtel internet services.

The self-care site being referred to is: You can top up your data line using the same site and monitor your usage anytime and anywhere. The site allows you to pair your data device number with your mobile so that notifications to be forwarded to your mobile number for real time alerts.

Bundle Prices

Bundle Size Price - ZMW Validity
12GB 200.00 30 Days
25GB 400.00 30 Days
35GB 700.00 60 Days
50GB 900.00 90 Days
100GB 1500.00 90 Days