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Fair Usage Policy

What is FUP?

ANS: FUP simply means Fair Usage Policy. The other term for FUP is Fair Usage Quota.

What is FUP on Blackberry, Facebook bundle and WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook bundle?

ANS: Fair Usage Policy has been introduced on BlackBerry service, Facebook bundle under Social bundle and the WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook Social bundle.

For the purpose of controlling abuse on the service and ensuring quality of service for all users.

What Fair Usage Quotas been set for the services?

Service FUP
Facebook only Social bundle 500MB/ day
WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook bundle 500MB/ day
BlackBerry service 400MB/ day

What happens when the FUP is reached?

ANS: A subscriber will receive usage notifications at 90% and 100% utilisation of their usage. If they have a normal bundle or Soche Data they will be able to browse from this bundle.

If the subscriber only has main account they will not be charge for accessing the applicable service (Facebook bundle, WhatsApp Twitter and Facebook bundle or BlackBerry Service) rather the browsing will be throttled, meaning that they will browse on reduced speed.

Will Customers receive usage notifications for FUP?

ANS: Customers will receive threshold notifications at 90% and 100% of their usage and interactive USSD that will prompt them to buy a bundle or continue on reduced speed if on PAYG

If I have a monthly or weekly subscription will I receive my FUP daily?

ANS: Yes the FUP for any active subscriber will be reset every day at midnight.


  1. Fair usage Policy shall apply to Facebook Social bundle, WhatsApp Twitter and Facebook bundle and BlackBerry Services.
  2. For Facebook bundle an FUP of 500MB/ day will apply, for WhatsApp Twitter and Facebook bundle an FUP of 500MB/ day will apply, for BlackBerry services an FUP of 400MB/ day will apply.
  3. At 90% and 100% usage of the Fair Usage Quota (FUP/FUP) subscribers will receive usage notifications
  4. Subscribers will be provided with option to browse on normal speed after purchase of a bundle or browse on reduced speed if subscriber chooses to continue on Pay as You Go.
  5. FUP will recur everyday at midnight for each active subscriber.