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Learn French - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Learn French?

    Ans: It is an Educational service that helps users to learn French language by subscribing and getting daily French Lessons comprising conversational facts, general information and questions.
    Users can also participate in weekly / monthly trivia to determine own proficiency levels.

  2. How do I access Airtel Learn French?

    Ans: Dial 2211 or SMS French to 2211 and start getting daily 5 French lessons

  3. How do I subscribe to the service?

    Ans: Dial 2211 from your Airtel Mobile and follow the instructions. Or SMS French to 2211

  4. What are the language options that I have?

    Ans: You can enjoy this service in English Language.

  5. Am I charged for this service?

    Ans: Yes. You will be charged. You will be charged K10 /Month.

     But a fall back plan of one(1) day and seven (7) days exist that will bill customers for K3 for 7 days or K0.600 for 1 day

  6. What are the Charges of Airtel Learn French?

    Ans: Following are the charges:

    • Subscription Monthly : K10 /Month  | K3 – Week|K0.600 - Daily
    • IVR 2211 Browsing Charges: Toll Free
    • Downloading Charges: Kwacha 0.600

  7. Who is eligible to subscribe to the service?

    Ans: ALL AIRTEL customers (Prepaid, Hybrid and Postpaid) are eligible for this service.

  8. How can I listen to the pronunciation of the today or daily French lessons?

    Ans: Dial 2211 and you will be able to hear today's Lessons and also you can get more words on IVR

  9. Do I need to call IVR every time to listen today's lessons?

    Ans: No, You can also download the today's lesson on to your handset and listen anytime anywhere you want

  10. What are the charges to download the today's French Lesson?

    Ans: You will be charged K0.600 to download the Today's French lesson clip.

  11. Can I download today's French Lesson?

    Ans: Yes. You can download from IVR by dialing 2211 at K0.600. 

  12. How do I unsubscribe?

    Ans: Anytime while listening to the service, Press 9 and follow the IVR instructions. Or SMS stop to 2211

  13. How can I get more words, if I would like to listen?

    Ans: You have to SMS more to 2211 to get more words to learn.

  14. Can I search the French Translation for any English Word I want?

    Ans: Currently this feature is not available. We are working on that. Soon this will be available to you

  15. Should I subscribe to Airtel French Lesson to get more words on SMS?

    Ans: Yes, You will have to subscribe to Airtel Learn French Service to get more words by sending SMS "MORE" to 2211.