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Leased Services

Airtel has invested huge amount of resources and effort in the creation of a resilient, robust and scalable SDH/Fiber network. airtel’s backbone transmission network has been implemented to support both voice as well as data. airtel Leased Lines is a communication solution designed for corporate institutions that need to connect their branches for data.

The flexibility offered by the transmission network allows airtel to offer a wide variety of transmission options to corporate organizations depending on the locations that need to be reached, as well as the redundancy that the client requires to increase link reliability.

The basic premise of airtel’s Leased Services is to provide business customers with a data Interconnect service to transmit data from one site to another.


  1. airtel employs a mix of wireless and fixed media to deliver service to the customer;
  2. Point-to-Multipoint Microwave offers good geographic coverage for lower bandwidth customers;
  3. Connectivity to world-class infrastructure;
  4. 24/7 monitoring and notification;
  5. Installation, engineering and field support;
  6. Wide variety of service options;
  7. Exceptional Service Level Agreements (SLAs);
  8. Always-on connection.


  1. Enables companies to focus on their core business;
  2. Provides continued service availability and peace of mind;
  3. Timely installation of solutions;
  4. Caters for your unique business needs;
  5. Bandwidth at your fingertips;
  6. Reduces overall cost and time of operations,
  7. Enhances your organization’s productivity;
  8. Allows you to control critical operations;
  9. A high quality, reliable solution.