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Vehicle Tracking & Fleet Management

The Airtel Vehicle Fleet Management Service offers  minute-by-minute information on vehicles for effective fleet management and  easy recovery in case of theft.



  1. Vehicle  tracking information with high level of accuracy
  2. Poll vehicle from cell phone to obtain real time location and system check
  3. Ability  to remotely immobilize vehicle
  4. Replay movements on maps & draw reports
  5. Preferred area can be modified via the web.


  1. Control vehicle abuse & misuse
  2. Benefit from 24-hour monitoring and incident recovery for insurance purposes
  3. Ascertain the location and status of your car at anytime using SMS or the internet
  4. Measure the productivity of drivers and transport managers
  5. Proactively monitor vehicles and caution drivers if car is driven out of ‘normal area, or driven at high speed
  6. Vehicle immobilization and recovery in case of theft
  7. Peaceof mind.