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The Hybrid solution allows you to utilize Postpaid and Prepaid mode on the same mobile handset using the same SIM.

You need to set the limit of expenditures for your Postpaid account at the initial set-up stage. When the set limit is reached, you are automatically switched to Prepaid mode to make further calls or send messages.

You can at any point decide to either use your Prepaid or Postpaid line to make your calls, even when you have not run out of your Postpaid limit. This means a subscriber, at his own discretion, can easily toggle between Prepaid and Postpaid modes. This change is accomplished by a USSD message.

Hybrid subscription is intended for two different market segments; for employers who want to ensure a maximum usage limit is adhered to and Postpaid customers who desire to have some flexibility of using a Prepaid payment method.


The Hybrid Solution does not come with any special tariff, as such all tariffs remain the same and unchanged and these are:

  Prepaid Postpaid
Call Type Peak Off-peak Mid-night Peak Off-peak Mid-night
On-net 8p 1p 1p 8p 8p 8p
Off-net 8p 1p 1p 8p 8p 8p

SMS, video calls, MMS and international calls also remains unchanged.