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Tariff Plans

Bundles & Rates

Bundle Name Description Benefits

Super Bundle

Buy 25MB and 500MB and enjoy free 100 units and 500 units respectively upon recharge. Enjoy airtel special data recharge cards. All data consumption will be billed from the Data top up and not from the normal units.

  Bundle Name MB/GB Cost (SLL)


2MB 2MB 450
5MB 5MB 1,125
10MB 10MB 2,250
25MB 25MB 4,500
50MB 50MB 9,000
100MB 100MB 18,000

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250MB 250MB 45,000
500MB 500MB 67,000
1GB 1GB 112,000
3GB 3GB 270,000

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NITE NITE 450,000
7GB 7GB 585,000
UNLTD UNLTD 1,125,000

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Daily Unlimited Daily Unlimited 11,250
Weekly Unlimited Weekly Unlimited 56,250

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Reply with your choice

Send Keyword to 800 with the respective units on sim
Send bal to 800 or dial *137*8# to check your balance

*Terms and Condition:
A fair usage policy applies to all the above packages.

If you buy multiple monthly bundles, you are to be mindful that you can only enjoy the full length of your subscription by careful usage management.

There is a fair usage policy of 20 GB, 2GB, for Unlimited, Nite pack, respectively.

All Nite packs have free browsing at night (9pm-5am) ..

If you need to know your usage range don't hesitate to send in a written request to the email: