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community development

The mobile handset will be the device that bridges the digital divide and change the lives of people across the African continent for the better. It will catalyze economic growth, connect people to the world – in some cases for the first time - and give people everywhere access to education, healthcare and banking services. In short, mobile communications will give people the freedom to achieve their goals in life.

Leveraging our technology we have partnered with several organization to change the lives of people in the rural communities

  • Partnership with Nokia - Airtel Africa, in collaboration with Nokia has developed an ICT based initiative, Nokia Education Delivery, to provide broadband connectivity to rural schools. Under this program, Nokia puts to use mobile technology to make available educational videos, both classroom lessons and training sessions for teachers, to 100 schools in remote Nigeria and 13 schools, in the hard-to-reach areas in the country.
  • Partnership with Earth Institute - Airtel Africa has also partnered with the Earth Institute, a non-profit organization in Africa, to provide telecommunication services to 8 villages in 6 African countries (one each in Ghana, Malawi, Tanzania and Uganda and two each in Kenya and Nigeria). Known as Millennium Villages, these rural pockets are provided with internet connections for the people, cellular phone connections for community health workers and free of cost local helpline numbers, which the company is responsible for operating and maintaining.

    The initiative has also brought together and enabled partnerships with local communities, government entities, international organizations, nonprofit institutions, research and academic institutions and others working as part of the Millennium Villages project.