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Health Care

Medanta Africare

Airtel has partnered with Medanta Africare a leading global medical services provider, seeking to provide affordable world-class healthcare services in Kenya.

The services offered are:

  • Dial-a-Doc: In the event of a health query, any Airtel subscriber can dial 1525. This will connect them to an operator who will make a primary enquiry on the nature of the ailment and transfer to the necessary specialist for further consultation. This is a service designed to save time and money by utilizing technology to provide access to Healthcare goods and services from your phone. The cost is that of a normal call and the service is available between 8am-8pm daily.
  • Home Healthcare: This service is an extension of the Dial-a-Doc service, offering extended medical related services to patients in their homes. These include lab services and delivery of prescriptions. In the event the customer cannot make it to a Medanta facility, a Doctor will be dispatched to the subscribers location. Correspondingly, if the subscriber has already received treatment at a Medanta clinic and cannot make it to the site to pick prescribed medication, Medanta will deliver the said medication to the recipient’s home.

    - This service is available in Nairobi and its environs only
  • Telemedicine: This is clinical healthcare from a distance. Using video conferencing facilities the patient will receive healthcare from a specialist in another location. This will be available in:
    1. Medanta head office for patients referred to specialists in India.
    2. Sites outside Nairobi for patients referred to specialists in Nairobi.
    The customer will be scheduled for an appointment with a specialist. The customer will then sit for a Telemedicine session with a Doctor at their side and the specialist overseeing the consultation.

Additionally, the following benefits will be extended to all Airtel Premier customers:

  1. Pathology: 20%  discount for customers who pay on cash basis.
  2. Radiology services: 20% discount for customers who pay cash.
  3. Dental Consultation: Kshs.1,200 discount for customers who pay cash.
  4. Doctor’s consultation: One (1) free consultation a year for subsequent reviews. 
  5. One (1) health check at 10% discount per year (as this is already discounted)
  6. Telemedicine consultation with Medicity: 50% Discount
  7. Home collection of samples if within 5 km radius from main facility.
  8. Pharmacy Medicine: 10% discount on all medicine purchased from the premises.
  9. Specialist consultation at main facility: 20% discount.


  • Dial-a-Doc is available to all subscribers.
  • Home Healthcare and Telemedicine are available to subscribers who have previously visited a Medanta facility.