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Islamic Portal

1. What is Islamic Portal?

The Islamic portal is a subscription service which offers religious nourishment through the phone for all Airtel subscribers of the Muslim faith, (Sunni, Shia, Shiite, Sufi and many others).

2. What products do you provide in the Islamic Portal?

The Islamic Portal offers a wide range of services such as:

    a. Complete Quran Recital
    b. Prayer Timing Alerts over SMS
    c. Live Relay of Prayers from Mecca
    d. Islamic Songs over
    e. Tasbih – Recital over IVR (99 Names of Allah)
    f. Surah – 114 Chapters of Quran (Each divided into verses)
    g. Islamic Dua – Expression of submission of faith to God
    h. Hadiths – Sayings of Muhammad
    i. Ayats – Verses of Quran

3. Who can use the Islamic service?

The service is currently available to all pre-paid Airtel customers. Service will soon be made available to our postpaid customers.

4. Is a special handset required to use the Religious portal?

No. The service is handset independent and will work on any mobile phone.

5. How can Airtel customers subscribe to the service?

    a.Via IVR: First time users will be able to subscribe for the service by simply dialing the code 0900730786 and follow the
        instructions given.

6.How much does this service cost?

    a. Calling the Code 0900730786 is FREE. Users can call the Short Code to subscribe to the service.
    b. The subscriptions options available are:
    • i. Ksh5 for Daily subscription
      ii. Ksh 25 for Weekly subscription
      iii. Ksh 70 for Monthly subscription
  • c. Once subscribed, customers will have access to unlimited usage of the Islamic service and will be able to
        listen to any content or dial-in several times in a day as long as the subscription is valid.

7.How can callers use the Religious portal?

    a. Caller dials 0900 730 786 from the mobile.
    b. The call is then connected and user can listen to all the items.

8. How can callers change back from one option to another while listening to Religious portal?

During the call, the user has to press '0' or '9' to go back to the main menu. These instructions will be mentioned in the prompts.

9. What are the languages supported by Religious portal?

The service is currently available in English.

10. What kinds of notifications can users get via SMS?

The system is currently set up to provide notifications in the following cases:

    a. Subscription Success/Failure
    b. Unsubscription Success/Failure
    c. Renewal SMS
    d. Promotional SMS

All SMS will be delivered from short code 30786 with the sender ID "Islam".

11. What happens if the caller does not press a button to select a product option?

When the caller uses the service, they will be given the option to select an item. If they do not select an option within a specified amount of time, the options will be repeated 3 times. If still no option is selected then the call gets disconnected.

12. How can callers unsubscribe from the service?

    a. Via IVR: Users can call 0900730786 and follow the options from the Main Menu to unsubscribe from the service.
    b. Via SMS: Users will also be able to unsubscribe by sending "STOP" to short code 30786 free of charge.

13. Are there any additional features that can be included with the Religious portal service?

Yes there are. For example, users and select option to activate the Namaz/Salat alerts where the user receives 5 times prayer alerts in a day for free. All Islamic portal subscribers will receive these SMS and IVR services free of cost as part of subscription package.