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Airtel Ngoma

Airtel Ngoma is an intelligent nonstop music playing station similar to FM radio with extended capability of creating automated playlists, i.e. storing songs of choice in a special personalized folder which is automatically played whenever this service is accessed.

Subscribers call into a server and access/listen to music, download music and send out music dedications.

This service offers a large collection of songs spanning various languages, genres, eras and moods making it a prime service for all users irrespective of their age.

Hello Tunes

Airtel Hello Tunes replaces conventional ring-back tones with your song of choice. This service empowers subscribers to distinctly express themselves to callers. Airtel Hello Tunes will keep your callers entertained until you answer the call.

You can customize your ring-back tone from a wide range of songs for your callers to be thrilled. Greet your callers with your favourite song by calling 155 for free or by dialing *155#. You will be charged Ksh 30 for subscription per month and Ksh10 per download per month.

Name Tunes

Name Tunes is a personalized Hello Tunes service that enables you to personalize your caller tune with your own name. Airtel customers can stamp their Hello tune with their own identity by following a simple process that allows them to search and set their name as their Hello Tune.

Get your Name Tune for only Ksh1 per day by sending an SMS NAME<SPACE>YOUR NAME to 155.

Phone –o-rokay

Karaoke parties are usually great times with family and friends. No matter how bad a person croons, he/she still seems to enjoy it. You can now do the same across social networks with Airtel Phone –o-rokay.

Phone –o-rokay is a value added service application that lets users have karaoke on their phone and share their song rendition with their buddies on Facebook. To enjoy this service, call 15550. You will be charged Ksh 3 per minute.