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Direct Debit Payment

Airtel Kenya Direct Debit (via Account or Debit Card): Pay Conveniently.

Through Airtel Kenya’s Direct Debit product, you can pay your monthly bill via bank account transfer or via Visa/Master credit card.

What is an Airtel Kenya Direct Debit?

An Airtel Kenya Direct Debit transfer is an instruction from Airtel to your bank, to collect money from your account or credit card for monthly bill payments after Airtel has received authorization from yourself via a signed Direct Debit Agreement (a written authority signed by Airtel, you and your bank).

How do I get it?

All you need to do is to sign a Direct Debit Agreement contract authorizing Airtel to deduct your monthly invoice amount from your bank account or credit card.

To do this, please visit any of the Airtel Shops or contact Customer Care for more information.
Postpaid Subscribers: 100 (+254 (0) 733100100).

A Direct Debit Agreement (DDA) will then be prepared and sent to you and your bank for approval and signature. Once the signed DDA is received by Airtel, we shall inform you that you have been entered into the Direct Debit System and the date when the debit will take place.

How Does it work?

Airtel Kenya will register you for the FREE E-Bill Service. Then every month, Airtel will send you a monthly e-bill for all mobile expenses during the relevant month. You will have 15 days within which to dispute the bill. On an agreed date of every month after expiry of the dispute period, we shall send your bank a direct debit instruction to withdraw the monies from your bank account or credit card and debit Airtel Kenya’s bank account. Your bank will then send us a confirmation when this is done and we shall update our billing records. At the end of that same month of payment, the payment will be visible on your monthly invoice.

Benefits to you

  1. Peace of mind as Payment due dates will not be overlooked.
  2. Quick and easy resolution of queries at the your bank, including an immediate refund for payments made when transactions are in dispute.
  3. The use of a variable Direct Debit Authority saves your time, as there is no need to issue a new authority each time a payment amount is changed.
  4. Removes the dependence on standing orders, which are often sent without details.
  5. Customers will not have to pay deposit at the time of subscription thus a cheaper entry cost.
  6. A simpler bill payments procedure; elimination of cheques and the fraud risk associated with this.
  7. No more bank visits and queuing at cash offices to pay bills.
  8. Minimal chance of getting barred due to high usage because of the significant credit amount.

What does it cost?

The service is FREE for all postpaid Airtel Kenya subscribers.

For more information regarding Direct Debit please contact Customer Care on 100.