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Airtel Live

Get the Edge.
The Airtel Live is a range of useful and fun information services available to all Airtel subscribers.
Find out what's new! Get ringtones, news and sports, download Games and a host of other services while on the move.

You require:


  1. Airtel SIM card
  2. WAP enabled device


It’s as simple as 1,2,3….


  1. Call Customer Care on the number 100
  2. Accept the settings that will be sent to you
  3. Enjoy the Airtel Portal!




  1. Standard rate content, e.g. news, sports, jokes, quotes etc @ Ksh5.00 per item.
  2. Premium rate content, e.g. Nation Media news @ Ksh10.00 per item.
  3. Higher rate content, e.g. ring tones, video and audio clips, wallpapers etc @ Ksh30.00 per item.
  4. Premium rate content, e.g. Java games @ Ksh99.00 per item.