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Catholic Service

What is Catholic Service?

Catholic Service is a new exclusive service from Airtel that offers a unique platform for Airtel subscribers to grow deeper in the Catholic faith by accessing services such as daily mass readings, Bible readings, Hymns and Prayers, Holy Rosary and much more through the phone!

Airtel subscribers can enjoy this unique bouquet of services by dialing the IVR number 0900730775 and subscribing to either Daily pack for Ksh5, Weekly pack for Ksh25 or the Monthly pack for Ksh70.

How can I subscribe to the service?

To use the service, dial the number 0900730775 and select the subscription option that best suits your needs.

How much does this service cost?

  1. Calling the number 0900730775 is FREE of charge!
  2. The subscriptions options available are:
    1. 70 ksh for a monthly subscription
    2. 25 ksh for weekly subscription
    3. 5 ksh for Daily subscription

What products or services are available under the Catholic service?

Once subscribed, you will have UNLIMITED access to the following list of services:

  1. Daily Mass Reading
  2. Bible Reading
  3. Hymns and Prayers
  4. Holy Rosary
  5. Bible stories for Kids
  6. Vatican Radio.

Who can use the Catholic service?

The Catholic service is available to all AIRTEL prepaid and postpaid customers.

Is a special handset required to use the Catholic Service?

No. Catholic service is handset independent and will work on any mobile phone.

How can callers use the Catholic portal?

  1. Caller dials 0900730775 for Catholic from their mobile.
  2. The call is then connected to the service where you will be able to listen to all the items in Catholic portal.

How can a caller listen to the different services available?

Once you are connected to the Catholic Service, you can select options ‘1’ or ‘2’ or ‘3’ etc to navigate and choose the specific service you wish to listen to.

How can callers change back to the other option while listening to Catholic service?

During a call, press ‘0’ or ‘9’ or ‘4’ to go back to the main menu. These instructions will be mentioned in the prompts as you navigate through the service.

What are the languages supported by Catholic service?

Catholic Service is currently provided in the English Language.

What kinds of notifications can users get via SMS?

The system is currently set up to provide notifications in the following cases:

  1. Subscription Success/Failure
  2. Unsubscription Success/Failure
  3. Renewal SMS
  4. Promotional SMS

When does the charging begin for the service?

There is a subscription charge to use the service. Without subscription, it is not possible to use the service. As long as you are subscribed, you will enjoy the service FREE of charge till the expiry of your subscription pack. 

What happens if I do not press a button when prompted to select a specific option?

When using the service, the system will prompt you to select an option to select a specific service. If you do not select an option within a specified amount of time, the system will replay those options again 3 times. After that, if there is still no response, the system will disconnect the call.

How can callers unsubscribe from the service?

Via IVR long code:
Call the long code 0900730775 and follow the options from the Main Menu to unsubscribe from the service.

Via SMS:
You may also unsubscribe by sending the keyword ‘’STOP’’ to short code 32777 via SMS.