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Wikipedia via Text service

Subscribers can now access Wikipedia through the Airtel Wikipedia USSD service. Service is available on any mobile phone with an Airtel line. You also don’t need an internet connection to access Airtel Wikipedia USSD. Service is FREE for the next 3 months.

How to Use the Service:

  1. Think of a topic / subject to read about.
  2. Dial *515#
  3. You will see - "Welcome to Wikipedia, a free information service.  What topic would you like to search for?"
  4. Type in any subject you want - for example: Nairobi, Love, Wedding etc
  5. Press Send
  6. A list will appear to let you clarify what you want.  Enter the number for the list item you want.
  7. A list of article sections will appear.  Enter the number for the article section you want.
  8. The first several words of the article will appear along with "(Full content sent by SMS)"
  9. You will then receive an SMS with the first paragraph or so of the article.
  10. If the article has more to read, you can reply to the SMS with any text (like x or 0).
  11. The next part of the article will be sent by SMS.
  12. When you want to read about something else (or a different section of the article), dial *515# again to start over.