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Magic Voice

Airtel gives you the power to use the magic of your voice with a character of your choice. Talk to whoever, you want in whatever voice you like.

What’s life without a dose of fun? Talk to your friends in a voice of your choice. You can sound like a bunny to your honey or a jester to your daughter. All this over a normal phone call! Think that’s the only feature of the service? Well, there’s more! You can even speak to your friends with the background sound (ambiance) of your choice. Want to sound like you are at a football stadium? You got it! How about while racing across the Alps in a Ferrari? You got that too! And much, much more!

Join the thousands of people across Kenya who have used the service and keep coming back for more!!

How: Change your voice or your background ambience by dialing 307 followed by the number you’re calling e.g. 3070734010000

Price: Daily Pack Kshs.3/-, Weekly Pack Kshs.7/- and Monthly Pack Kshs.30/-