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Mobile Number Portability

What is Mobile Number Portability (MNP)?

Mobile Number Portability is a telecommunications service that enables you to retain your telephone number(s) when you change mobile operators. This means that you can move from one mobile operator to another without losing your number. This is commonly referred to as ‘porting’.



What are the benefits of MNP?

  1. You retain your number when moving from one operator to the other giving you freedom and convenience.
  2. You will receive all your calls and messages regardless of which mobile network you may have ported your number to. You do not need to inform your friends, relatives, colleagues or clients about your change of mobile operators.
  3. You save money as you do not have to purchase SIM cards for each mobile operator and maintain more than one mobile hand set.

You can choose the mobile operator who you feel offers a better quality of service and customer experience.



Who can port?
Any Prepaid or Postpaid mobile subscriber can port to another local mobile operator.

How much does it cost to port my number?
Porting to Airtel is FREE.

Where can I make my request to port?
To make a request, you need to visit an Airtel outlet or shop or authorized retailer.
At the retail outlet, fill in the Number porting request form. The Agent will also issue you with a SIM card.


Reasons to switch to Airtel

  1. Best tariffs in the country
  2. Best international calling rates
  3. Strongest network wherever you are in the country and in buildings
  4. Instant connection when you make a call
  5. No call drops
  6. Get through when you call Customer Care
  7. Get sorted when you call Customer Care
  8. Best offers and promotions
  9. Best value added services
  10. Flexible top-up cards available countrywide