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International Dialing

With Airtel, international direct dialing comes as standard. All Airtel mobile phones are already set up to make international calls.

How to make an international call using direct access
Simply dial +254 (that's the Kenya international access code) followed by these codes in this order:

  1. Destination country code
  2. Area code
  3. Telephone number

Here is an example of how you would make a call to Los Angeles, USA.

  1. Dial: + (the international access code)
  2. Dial: 1 (the country code for the USA)
  3. Dial: 213 (the area code for Los Angeles)
  4. Dial the telephone number of the person

For example: +1 213 123456.
Find out the tariffs for direct access international calls.

How to make an international call using Airtel VOIP

Simply dial *100#

  1. Follow the instructions to activate the new rates. This is FREE of charge.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS of your successful subscription.
  3. Follow the steps on how to make an international call.

*Per second billing is applicable.

The prices will be as indicated below:

Countries Price per minute (KSH)
Canada, China, India, USA, UK-fixed 4/=
South Sudan, Rwanda & Uganda 10/=
South Africa, United Arab Emirates & United Kingdom-Mobile 18/=
All other Africa Countries except Madagascar 30/=
Other Countries except North Korea & Western - Samoa 40/=


Countries Price per minute (KSH)
Madagascar, North Korea, Western Samoa 50/=
Latvia, Tonga, Palau, Greenland, Cook, Cuba, East Timor, Maldives
Solomon Islands, Wallis and Futuna
All special services, non-geographic & Satellite destinations 500/=

Enjoy the best rates only on Airtel.

*Terms and conditions apply.

**You can enjoy cheaper calling rates by subscribing to International Dialing when you dial *767#.

Choose International Bundles Option (4)

Kimataifa Bundles Price Mins Validity Rate per Min
USA/Canada, India, China, Uk fixed line 15/= 5 mins 1 day 3.0
25/= 10 mins 3 days 2.5
40/= 20 mins 7 days 2