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Customer Registration

In line with the Government directive instructing all telecommunication operators to register the details of their subscribers; we have an easy way for you to check if your line is fully registered.

Dial *100#, select option 2 "Manage my account' then select option 6 "Registration status".

You should get an SMS notification in a short while with your registration status.

Should the SMS mentioned above show that your line is not registered, go to your nearest Airtel shop, Airtel Money agent or dealer shop with your original form of identification.

Below are the required documents to be provided.

Submit only one document as applicable to you.

Verification Documents: Kenyan Citizen

  • Original identity card;
  • Original and valid passport;
  • Original service card for a member of the Kenya Defense Forces;
  • Original birth certificate;

For a Kenyan citizen not in possession of an original identification documents:

  • Police abstract and a certified copy of an identification document

For East African Residents:

  • An original national identity card;
  • An original passport;
  • An original East African passport;
  • Any other original and valid registration documents acceptable as national identification documents in the country of domicile

For a Foreign National

  • Original and valid passport;
  • Original alien card.

For a corporate person or a statutory body

  • Certificate of incorporation and an original national identity card or passport of at least one director;
  • Certificate of registration and original national identity card or passport of the proprietor or at least one partner; or the relevant legislation or Gazette notice establishing the statutory body


  • A minor who wishes to register a SIM-card shall be accompanied by his or her guardian possessing relevant identification particulars as set out above.
  • The telecommunications operator or agent shall record the date of birth of the minor.
  • A guardian accompanying the minor shall be registered as the subscriber of that particular SIM Card until the minor attains the age of majority.
  • Upon the minor attaining the age of majority a telecommunications operator shall advise a minor registered as a user to register his personal identification details within 90 days from the date of attaining the age of majority.
  • A person who does not register their identification particulars within 90 days from the date of attaining majority shall have their SIM-card suspended and deactivated.

*If you are a post paid subscriber or registered on Airtel Money, you are not required to register your line.