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Q: I want to use the internet on my phone. How do I go about it?
A: Send SMS with the word "ALL" to 232. This shall activate your line for Internet access. Just accept and save settings you receive and you are ready to browse.

Q: I have settings but it’s not connecting. Am I doing something wrong?
A: Your line may not be activated for data.

  1. You may have insufficient credit to use the service.
  2. Please call 100 for more information.

Q: Is my handset able to connect to the internet?
Kindly check your phone capabilities on

Q: How can I connect my phone to the computer?
A: Most modern phones can be connected to your desktop computer or laptop to provide internet connectivity. Depending on your phone make and model, one could use Bluetooth or USB cable connections.

Q: I am trying to connect but it's very slow/hanging
A: If the computer/handset is hanging, there may be a problem with the connection between the PC and the phone/modem device. Try to restart your computer to see if that resolves the problem.
From time to time, you may experience slow connectivity on the network.

Q: How do I save the configuration settings on the handset?
A: Internet settings are normally saved automatically after you receive them. Depending on the handset, you may be prompted to save, install or use the settings. Press Yes, Save or OK for each case.

Q: What are the speeds of the modems on GPRS and EDGE?
A: The speed is dependent on various factors such as voice traffic and signal strength. On GPRS, the range is from 10kbps to 30kbps. On Edge, you can experience speeds up to 230 kbps

Q: How do I top up airtime/credit on my phone?
A: Enter the following sequence:  *130* The 14 digit code followed by #. Then press send.
Your phone will display your new credit balance after your Top Up card has been credited to your account.

Q: How do I check my airtime/credit balance?
A: Enter the following sequence: *133# then press Send. Your handset will display your current credit balance.

Q: I have lost my line when I lost my phone but there was some credit still left in it. Can you refund me?
A: Please visit any Airtel shop to replace your SIM card. If you wish to maintain the same number, then the credit will automatically be transferred. If you wish to get a new & different line, you need to request that the credit be transferred to your new line. Remember to carry your original identification document with you.

Q: My phone has been stolen. Can you block it?
A: For the safety of all our customers, we need written instructions to block a number. Please avail the following documents to the nearest Airtel outlet:

  1. Copy of a duly completed abstract form from the police with the following information; customer name,  mobile number, ID number, IMEI number, model/brand of phone, date of loss, date of reporting to the police, circumstances of loss, occurrence book reference, and police post reported at.
  2.  Write a letter requesting Airtel to block the phone.

Send the police abstract with the letter to:
Customer Care Airtel Kenya Ltd,
P.O. Box 42964, GPO 0010,

Q: I'm a new customer. What's my number?
A: Dial *100#, select “Manage my account” then select option 1 “Number and balance”.

Q: I have airtime in my account but I'm not able to make calls?
A: Kindly restart your phone then try again. Should the issue persist, kindly call 100 for further assistance

Q: I want to see my call history. Can you print it for me?
A: No. Should you wish to receive your call records, kindly visit any Airtel shop and share your mobile number, email address, your original identification document and 3 frequently dialed numbers. Your request will then be officially logged in our systems and you will receive an email with the requested for details

Q: I have been overcharged when making a call.
A: Call charges are determined by your tariff and the destination you were calling. Kindly call Customer Care on 100 for resolution.

Q: When people call me, they can't get through. Instead they are asked to leave a message. What's going on?
A: Voicemail is a service that operates automatically when your phone is not answered, out of reach of the signal or switched off. Voicemail will automatically ask callers to leave a message. It is also possible that you have set up 'divert to Voicemail' on your phone.

Q: Why does my phone say 'SIM rejected' or 'Registration failed'?
A: This means the SIM card is damaged, either because someone has entered a wrong unblocking code or because the phone itself has been damaged. Always handle your SIM card with great care. If your SIM card is not working, visit one of our Airtel shops and we will replace the SIM card for you.

Q: When I call someone I am being told that the call is diverted.
A: The subscriber you are calling has activated the missed call alert and the subscriber is unavailable, out of coverage, busy, or has diverted calls to another number and line is equally unavailable or diverted line is short of funds.

Q: How do I activate/deactivate voicemail?
A: Send “SUB VMS” to 555 to activate or “STOP” TO 555 to deactivate.

Q: How do I activate the “missed call alert” service?
A: To activate send “SUB MCA” to 555 and you’ll receive a confirmatory SMS of the same.

Q: How do I cancel the call divert?
A: Dial #21# to cancel all call diverts.

Q: What is a personal identification number (PIN)?
A: A PIN is a secret code that protects your SIM card from being used if it is stolen. When you use your SIM card for the first time, the code is inactive so that you can use your phone as soon as the battery is charged. When you activate your PIN, you must enter your code each time you switch on your phone. This means that only you, or someone who knows your code, can use your phone. To activate your PIN, read the instructions in your phone's manual

Q: My phone says PUK. What does it mean?
A: PUK is an abbreviation for PIN Unblocking Key. Your phone will display this message if a wrong PIN number has been entered more than three times. To get your PUK dial *100# from any Airtel line, select “Manage my account”, select option 5 “PUK” then select option 2 “Another Number” and follow the instructions

Q: What is Airtel SMS Message Centre Number?
A: Airtel's SMS Message Centre Number is: +254733000810. For detailed information on how to enter the Message Center Number, please refer to your handset's user’s manual.

Q: How do I change my PIN number?
A: Go to settings>security>change PIN. Could also be different depending on the phone.

Q: How do I check my credit balance?
A: Dial *133#. Your handset will display your current credit balance.