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Why you should choose airtel

airtel has the most advanced internet - capable telecommunications system in Africa with the 3.75G that is now available.

You can now make video calls, access emails, download music, participate in video blogs, do your internet banking and much more at tremendous speed that is unrivalled by any other internet provider.
3G is the third generation of mobile internet systems. It provides an enhanced way to access online services such as multimedia, high-speed mobile broadband, music and video, all on your handset.

3G has eveloved through several updates, leading to the very latest release, HSPA+, which is referred to as 3.75G, now available on airtel. 3.75G technology operates at dazzling speeds of up to 21Mbps. The only thing that would limit you from enjoying this speed is if you do not have a 3G device to access 3.75G network.

Widest NetworkCoverage in Kenya and Africa
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Pocket Friendly Prices
We have various data plans to suit your specific requirement. With as low as Ksh 6, you can purchase the Entry Data Bundle which gives you a data allowance of 5MB.