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Airtel Data Bundles

Club Bundles

The club bundles offer a combination of Data, SMS, and Voice depending on the bundle you choose.

Airtel offers you 6 unique Club plans targeting individuals who like to Access websites, blogs, social media, chat online and check mail every time.

Below is a list of our Club bundles

  Data Volume SMS Voice Min Price (Ksh) Validity
Club5 8MB 5   5/= 24hrs
Daily10 20MB 10   10/= 24hrs
Club20 50MB 20   20/= 24hrs
Club30 60MB 30 10 Minutes to Any Network 30/= 24hrs
Club Night 250MB     20/= Mid Night to 6.00am
Club Night+ 250MB   60 Airtel to Airtel minutes 30/= Mid Night to 6.00am

Internet Bundles

Connecting to the internet at super-fast speeds and affordable rates. Get the Airtel bundles and enjoy favorable rates from your normal internet pricing.

Dial *544# to get started

Daily Data Bundles (1 day validity)

Bundles Price (Ksh) Validity Period
50MB 20
1 day

7 Day Data Bundles

Bundles Price (Ksh) Validity Period
6MB 5 7 days
15MB 10 7 days
250MB 99 7 days

30 Day Data Bundles

Bundles Price (Ksh) Validity Period
1.2GB 500 30 days

90 Day Data Bundles

Bundles Price (Ksh) Validity Period
50MB 50 90 days
400MB 250 90 days
2GB 1,000 90 days
10GB 3,000 90 days
30GB 6,000 90 days
55GB 7,000 90 days


  • 6MB&15MB data bundle is ideal for light internet access.
  • 250MB data bundle is ideal for individuals who enjoy downloading of MP3 songs, games, images, YouTube apps, accessing social media.
  • 400MB-2GB data is ideal for individuals who like Streaming and downloading large audio files. Send and receive heavy attachments.
  • 10GB-55GB data is ideal for individuals who are always online, sending and receiving emails, doing research, conduction video or conference calls, downloading large files, videos, music.

On Internet bundles customers have the choice of selection:

  • One time bundle
  • Auto renewal bundles

How to subscribe to Regular Internet bundle

  • Dial *544#
  • Select Buy Internet Bundles

UnlimiNET Modem

The Airtel unlimited offer comes in 3 plans (daily, weekly and monthly) designed for individuals who like hassle free internet.

The unlimiNET Modem plan is ideal for individuals who are heavy internet users and are always online.

Bundle Rate Data Validity
One day unlimited 99/= 500MB* 24hrs
One week unlimited 699/= 5GB* 7days
One month unlimited 2999/= 20GB* 30days

*On depletion UNLIMITED WhatsApp, Facebook, Gmail, Twitter & Instagram at full speed and browsing at 256kbps

How to subscribe to unlimiNET Modem bundles

  • Dial *544#
  • Select unlimiNET Modem

Restore full access after bundle depletion with Booster packs “

However, to restore full access after bundle depletion one can purchase a booster pack to enjoy full access for all sites.

The booster pack offers are as below:

Booster Pack Rate validity
1GB* 199/= As per the main bundle
5GB* 699/= As per the main bundle

How to purchase a booster pack

  • Dial *544#
  • Select unlimiNET Modem
  • Select option 4

The validity for booster packs is as per the main bundle which implies that if you have a daily, weekly or monthly pack, the booster pack will be valid for 24Hrs, 7 days and 30 days respectively as per the purchased bundle.

After the booster pack is depleted you can still access social sites namely: Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter and Gmail.