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Mobile Access

Airtel Access - Get. The Edge.


airtel Access gives you fast and easy access to the internet through your phone or computer. Access the web and your corporate network, send emails and download files. Your office is wherever you want it to be!

Transform. The way you do business.


Stay. In Control. airtel Access gives you the freedom to stay productive and connected to your data and business applications whether you are on the road or in a meeting across town. Increase productivity and make the most of your time – inside and outside the office.

Work. Wherever your work takes you.


Now you can browse the internet or access your email wirelessly. airtel brings you GPRS EDGE technology – of on the fastest fully mobile wireless data solutions available. Easy to set up and maintain, airtel Access requires no changes to your company's current systems. airtel Access empowers you and transforms the way you do business.

How to connect your phone to airtel Access.


  • Send a free SMS with the word 'ALL' to 575 if your phone is GPRS enabled or call Customer Care on "177" to receive your settings.

  • Accept, install or save the settings that will be sent to your phone.

  • To browse the internet, go to the internet / WEB icon on your phone. Enjoy the internet.

Manual Phone Configuration Instructions


There are some phones that can only be setup manually. To configure your phone manually, you need to enter the following information, as applicable, on your phone:

Internet Settings


Account Name = airtel Internet
Home Page: http://www.google.com
IP Address = none (leave blank)
Port = none (leave blank)
Username = none (leave blank)
Password = none (leave blank)
Access Point Name (APN) = internet

WAP Settings


Account Name = airtel WAP
Home Page = http://portal.mw.Airtel.com
IP Address =
Port = 9201
Username = none (leave blank)
Password = none (leave blank)
Access Point Name (APN) = wap

How to connect your computer to Airtel Access.


You can connect your computer to the Airtel Access service using a GPRS phone over a Bluetooth or USB cable connection. You may also use a PC card or USB GPRS data modem. For more information, contact your authorized Airtel outlet.



Both prepaid and postpaid Clients are billed on a Pay per Use basis. This is at a rate of 0.19 Units per MB (before 16.5% Surtax). For postpaid customers at the end of each month they receive a bill reflecting only what they used. For more information on how to get this package, visit any of our airtel shops.