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AIRTEL THREE FOR FREE INSURANCE is another innovative and customer-centric product from Airtel. Through the policy, you get free cover for Life (funeral policy), Accidental permanent disability and Hospital Cash Back. (Terms and conditions apply). Both pre-paid and post-paid customers are eligible for this insurance. Prepaid subscribers are required to RECHARGE with K500 or more every month while Post-paid subscribers are required to USE K500 or more every month to be covered in the following month.  In order to enjoy the cover benefits, a customer has to dial *191# and submit their details to join the free Insurance.

The More you recharge or use the higher your Insurance cover. Refer to the table below to see how you will be covered based on their usage.

Monthly Recharge (MK)

Life Cover

Accidental Disability Cover

Hospital Cash Cover

This Month

Next Month

500 - 2,499




2,500 - 4,999




5,000 - 9,999




10,000 and above





In any event the maximum value payable on any one life assured shall be:

  • Life – MWK500,000
  • Accidental Disability – MWK500,000
  • Hospitalization – MWK150, 000 per life per year.



1. Eligibility: Any registered Airtel Subscriber, aged between 18 - 70 years as of the date of registration and resident in Malawi, is eligible to register for this policy, subject to successful application for insurance and qualification for cover as per usage of Airtel airtime, as documented in the Policy Schedule. Application will require provision, via the designated mobile short code, of first and last name.
2. When Benefits are Payable:

  • Subject to qualification as described in the Policy Schedule, benefits are payable in a single lump sum:
    • Upon death of Primary Member for any reason other than drugs, alcohol, or criminal activity.
    • Upon total loss of a limb, sight or hearing due to an accident.
    • Upon hospitalization for 3 or more nights at a recognized hospital in Malawi.

3. Term of Cover:

  • Cover shall begin on the first day of the calendar month following qualifying Airtel airtime recharge (for prepaid subscribers) or usage (for postpaid subscribers) as depicted in the Policy Schedule, and shall terminate on the last day of the calendar month. This policy has no contestability period and attracts no surrender value.

How to Claim:

  • Customer or Beneficiary will call the Airtel Customer service number 121 (TBA). The claim details are then logged in to Airtel Customer Service Portal and submitted to MicroEnsure via the email. MicroEnsure will assist the claimant to process the claim.
  • To prove the claim, the claimant will be required to provide the identification documents (including age or date of birth) of the claimant and (where these are separate) the affected subscriber, as well as digital copies as per the claim type:
    • In case of death: A Medical Certificate of cause of Death, OR A Death Certificate OR Letter from a local Administrative authority or officiating religious authority and a mortuary receipt/obituary OR Coroner’s Report and Burial Permit/Mortuary Receipts.
    • In case of accidental permanent disability: a medical statement from a registered doctor certifying the date, nature and cause of the disability, as well as a police report of the accident;
    • In case of hospitalisation: proof of admission, discharge, and, where deemed necessary, hospital invoice payment receipts
    • Any other documentation required by MicroEnsure and/or Nico to verify the validity of the claim.
    • Claim payments will be made within 72 hours of receipt of documents and will be paid via Airtel Money to the claimant.

4. Waiting Period: Benefits from claims due to accident, including life, disability and hospitalization, are in force immediately from the first day of the month after registration. Benefits from claims due to any other reason shall be in force one calendar month after the first day of initial qualification for cover.

5. Termination of Cover: Benefits will cease to be payable on the last day of the relevant month following cover qualification, in the case of any false statement at any time during registration or claim, and/or upon death of the primary Airtel subscriber.

6. Maximum Sums Assured per Life Assured: In any event the maximum value payable on any one life assured shall be:

  • Life – MWK500,000
  • Accidental Disability – MWK500,000
  • Hospitalization – MWK150, 000 per life per year.

7. Beneficiaries: In the event of a claim related to accidental disability or hospitalization, the beneficiary shall be the assured and the benefit shall be paid via Airtel Money. In the event of a claim related to the death of the registered Airtel subscriber, the beneficiary shall be a person named by the registered Airtel subscriber.
In the event the subscriber has not assigned a next of kin for Airtel Insurance, the beneficiary will be assigned according to the below hierarchy:

  • Person appointed as legal beneficiary/trustee by the law courts of Malawi
  • The widow/widower of the subscriber (the first married spouse, if applicable)
  • The child of the subscriber (oldest first)
  • The parent of the subscriber (father first)
  • The sibling of the subscriber (eldest first)

8. General Provisions: No benefit accruing or payable according to this policy can be assigned to third parties. There is no surrender value applicable on this policy.