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Prepaid Mobile Top up

Airtel gives you a wide range of top options available either through top up cards or mobile top up. With mobile top up you get the airtime electronically to your phone, this can either be through airtel Money, ATM's and Mobile voucher (Zachangu)

Scratch Card Top Up Denominations:

Available scratch card denominations which can be bought anywhere where airtel airtime is sold are:
MK50, MK100, MK250, MK500, MK1000.

airtel Money:

  • With airtel Money you can either recharge your phone or send airtime to another individual's mobile.

Mobile Top Up:

  • Recharge instantly through mobile top by visiting any of the ATM's or through Mobile voucher (Zachangu).
  • With Zachangu mobile top up you can get airtime as MK 10 or any other combination such as MK35 hence allowing you to spend as your cash outlay permits at a given time.