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Send MMS

Capture unique moments with your camera phone. Just aim and snap. Share. With family and friends.

Spice. It up.

Be. Creative. Add life to your messages. Share the video of that special birthday party with your loved ones. Grow. Your business. Send pictures of cars or homes on sale to customers. Let airtel Picture Messaging work for you.

Share. The excitement.

Send. Your picture messaging to others. If they have a phone with a camera they can view them instantly. If their phone does not support picture messaging, they can still share in the fun. When you send your picture message, they will receive an SMS telling them that they have received a picture message. To view their message, they should simply go to ( and enter their phone number and password given in the SMS. You can even send a picture message directly to an email address.

How to access Celtel picture messaging:

  • Send a free SMS with the word ‘ALL’ to 575 if your phone is GPRS and Picture Messaging capable or call Customer Care on the same number to receive your settings.
  • Accept, install or save the settings that will be sent to your phone.
  • For details on sending and receiving Celtel picture Messaging, please consult your phone manual.

Easy. And Affordable. Picture Messaging Tariff.

Tariff plan
Postpaid* (kwacha)
Prepaid* (kwacha)
Picture Message (Per recipient) ***
Picture Message notification
Picture Message receipt


Rates are exclusive of 16.5%VAT and excise duty