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airtel phone backup

Your phone is more than a device for making calls and sending sms. It stores your contacts, pictures, events, texts, videos and many more. But what if it is stolen or it develops a fault? Are you going to lose all that?

airtel has introduced a free phone backup service, which prevents data loss when a phone or sim card is lost or replaced. With this service, you can back up all phone data that matters to you for free.

With phone back up service, you can:

  • Back up all your phone data for free
  • Change/ edit data that has been backed up
  • Restore data that you have added on the web account
  • Schedule the frequency of back up

Please note

  • screen display of the features of the phone backup application varies from phone to phone
  • Whenever internet is required for example opening webpages or links, the normal internet costs will apply.
  • Phone Back Up is allowed for ONLY handsets which are data enabled and have an active internet access.
  • Phone Back Up is limited to the following capacities
    Per User Storage is 2gb

how to back up data

1. Make sure your phone can support phone backup by checking against the Phonebackup_supported devices list. "check the phone list here"

2. SMS "Mybackup" to a Toll Free number 4428

  • You will receive a message from 4428 containing a link to download the phone backup application.
  • You will receive a message from airtel Phone Backup containing a link to your Phone Backup web account and a password to access it.

3. Click the link, download the application and install.

4. To launch the application, you will be directed to "terms and conditions" page where you need to accept or deny the terms. You will be redirected to 'welcome page' if accepted of the application or application closes if denied.

5. After Launching the Phone back up application:

  • Welcome Page is displayed the icon for Backup, Schedule and Restore.
  • Under the options, you should have the following:
    i. Settings option- for account settings, Backup frequency etc.
    ii. View history- gives all the information of last sync.
    iii. Help- gives all the information of "Phone Backup"

6. About- gives information on version of the application you are using.

  • Tell a Friend - redirects to "Tell a Friend" page with Friend Number text box. I.e. you can tell a friend of the service via that option.
  • Backup- has the icons of contacts, event, task, notes, photos, videos, audios e.t.c. which you can back up. If you click on back up, the item gets added (backed up) on your web account. If you do a change/edit on a feature on your handset and click back up, the items gets changed/edited accordingly on your web account.
  • Restore- has same icons as shown under backup. Restore is for adding an item e.g. a contact to the handset which was added on the web account. E.g. add a contact on web, then perform restore, the contact should be added on handset. BUT deleting an item on web and performing restore does not delete the item on the handset.
  • Schedule- where you can set the backup frequency and activate Auto backup option.

7. After Launching the Web URL (through number and password):

  • The summary page should be displayed.
  • The summary page has the following tabs address, photos, videos, sms, devices, Notes, calendar, task etc.
  • The summary page also displays links to edit account, help and sign out.
  • You can select a tab and see what features it has.

8. WAP Flow:

  • In the Phone browse enter the WAP URL (i.e., you should get to a page where you can enter your number (e.g. 265 991 234 567).
  • The Page should be displayed according to user state
    a) New Subscriber page
    b) Existing Active Subscriber page
    c) Existing Inactive Subscriber page
    d) Whether your phone supports phone backup or not.